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Open Letter

Open Letter

This is an open letter about the NSW Government of Australia – March 2021.

I meet and interviewed with a NSW Government representative on 17th March 2021.

I asked many questions i.e. what can the NSW Government do to assist families in the community during this pandemic Covid19?

I asked the NSW Government to wear a mask at the interview for the reason that my Uncle died of Covid19 in December.

I expressed there is a growing need for NDIS reviews on why coordinators were not been available to families.

Why CCTV cameras were not been considered as a safe for children living with disabilities at schools or in public places in NSW Australia.

How we got an apology from the NSW Government but was not made public.

Asked if there could be more that the community can do for Autistic children? And that we need more NSW Government transparency so we can all stakeholders can achieve The UN Agenda 2030 goals as we do with WHO are vaccination in this Covid19 pandemic.

I also asked when will the NSW Government in schools and in the community stop segregation of people living with disabilities? Will Australia lift its game as the UN advised? There was no plans to move forward… This are issues that the schools across the country and work placing across Australia need to address at an international level.

After a formal assessment and evaluation with this meeting with the Government representative. I have very deep concerns with Australia’s future with regards to meeting UN obligations with our signatory treaty with the UN Geneva with regards to Agenda 2030.

I said to the Government representative we have 9 years to go. But refused to make comment or work towards any of the 17 goals.

Director Raciti

Member of the Board -Institute of International Peace Leaders

Executive Director Communication and Information System – Department of Sustainable Development

Public Liability & Supported by Institute of International Peace Leaders registered with United Nations Geneva (Registration No. 156839/20).

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