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No Apologies from Principals Greg Bass and Carolina Cass of Gardener’s Road Public School

After years of waiting for an apology the Principals Greg Bass and Carolina Cass. Officially from the school.

No apology from Debbie Hume who twisted Stephanie’s head. Or from the Education Minister.

The only decent person was Nicola Accaria Director Educational Leadership – NSW Department of Education wrote:

Sorry Stephanie has this experience and that it has caused upset to your family.

DOC20/1057662 – Document Number. NSW Government Education Department.

Happy to take it to court.

I hope this doesn’t happen again to any child or student. Families need to know. Also I was told not to tell or placement for Stephanie would be at risk by Government Director Nicola Accaria. There should be an investigation into this. Happy to take it to court.

I am not staying silent. I’m Christian and I’m putting my faith and reputation and holding those who could say sorry to do so. The school could say sorry. I am sure they are capable of showing human decency.

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