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The Grande Loja Symbolica de Portugal will organize the fifteenth Conference:

Conference: European Masonic Alliance – The Evolution of European Freemasonry by Henry Charpentier – President of the European Masonic Alliance.

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The Grande Loja Symbolica de Portugal will organize the fifteenth Conference:

The European Masonic Alliance – “The Freemasonry of Yesterday and Today” by Henry Charpentier – President of the European Masonic Alliance.

Next Monday, April 26, 2021, at 9:30 pm,

Conference link:

Henri Charpentier is President of the European Masonic Alliance and Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium, Belgium’s highest obedience. He is Senior Manager of the tax administration, as well as administrator of philanthropic companies, of the Belgian Museum of Freemasonry and of the Family Planning Center “Centro Louise Michel”.

European Masonic Alliance is the largest European Masonic Organization. It works with more than 30 Masonic Obediences from 16 European countries representing the Masonic mosaic of the European Union and the values ​​of liberal Freemasonry.

Its values ​​are heirs of the spirit of the Enlightenment of the 18th century in a spiritual, adogmatic dimension, defending a fairer and freer Society.

Liberal Freemasonry does not impose any belief on its members, defending the absolute freedom of conscience and free will, imbued with the ideals of democracy, fraternity, equal rights for all human beings and the right of all to human dignity.

The European Masonic Alliance is based on the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1950 European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the 2000 Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

It defends the principle of “European secularism”, which implies the strictest independence of European institutions from churches and philosophical organizations.

We consider that philosophical or religious convictions are a matter of private life and should not be imposed.

We subscribe to the Dialogue established by Article 17 of the Treaty of Lisbon between European bodies and churches and philosophical and non-confessional organizations.

The European Masonic Alliance is registered in the European Union Transparency Register under number 916946818172-34.

The Symbolic Grand Lodge of Portugal is the third Portuguese Masonic Obedience. Practice the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Ancient and Primitive Rite Memphis Misraïm and the Rite Emulation with the charters of the Grand Orient of France (the greatest French Masonic Obedience).

The Cycle of Great Videoconferences of Portuguese Freemasonry is part of an approach to Masonic and social themes, through videoconferences open to Society in general, for the first time in Portugal,

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