Worked on major projects for PwC Australia Management Consulting (Ranked 1st on the LinkedIn Top Companies list), General Electric Company, Healthscope, Telstra Corporation Telecommunications (Australia’s largest and fastest national mobile network) & Woolworths Group (Australia’s largest retailer), Lendlease
Construction, Deloitte Australia Fast 50 Awards Management Consulting and many more companies.

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Marketing and Communication Supply Chain Services, Helping great companies and brands improve customer experience, Enhance efficiency and strengthen their brand reputation, Helping great companies and brands improve their customers experience, Strengthen their brand reputation and transform the way their businesses operate.
Marketing Supply Chain, Marketing and Communication, Integrated marketing solutions, Business support services, Fulfilment and distribution, Creative Production, Sourcing, Customer Communications, Publishing, Document Workflow.

John Raciti Graphic Web Designer – 18 Years Industry Experience, 2 decades of professional on-line skill set, Nasdaq: GEH General Electric Capital Corporation, Nasdaq, Telstra Corporation Ltd, COMOPS LIMITED, YELLOW BRICK ROAD HOLDINGS LIMITED, RedHill Education Ltd, Temenos Group AG, SAI GLOBAL LIMITED, CHANDLER MACLEOD GROUP LIMITED, RUBIK FINANCIAL LIMITED Fortune 500, ASX Listed: General Electric Capital Corporation, Telstra Corp, AUDI AG, Hyundai Motor Co, Study Group, Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Yellow Brick Road Group, Mobile Messenger, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, Central Queensland University, Financial Planning Association Of Australia, Teachers Mutual Bank, Recruit Holdings Co/Chandler Macleod Group, SAI Global, RedHill Education, Dymocks Book Arcade, Finzsoft Solutions Limited/Rubik Financial & Comops Solutions.

Graduated in 1997 in Fine Art – BA degree from Monash University, Melbourne, graduated in 2000 in Media and Communications Post-Graduate degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, and graduated in 2007 in Graduate Diploma in Design & Technology at UTS – Sydney University of Technology.

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Web Applications & DTP Desktop Publishing Print Media

Graduated in 1997 in Fine Art – BA degree from Monash University, Melbourne, graduated in 2000 in Media and Communications Post-Graduate degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, and graduated in 2007 in Graduate Diploma in Design & Technology at UTS – Sydney University of Technology.

Financial Magazine – DTP Indesign files

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Range of WebsitesPublished on Mar 26, 2015
TAHPI Bootstrap WebsitePublished on Dec 24, 2015
TAHPI Print BrochurePublished on Feb 19, 2015
Web PresentationPublished on Mar 10, 2014
Graphics Web & Print PortfolioPublished on Feb 19, 2014
IBM Learning Management SystemsPublished on Feb 23, 2013
Banking iPad AppsPublished on Feb 04, 2011
Web Applications & PrintPublished on Dec 14, 2010

Bootstrap Designer / Developer, Angular JS, Ajax, PHP, HTML5

Desktop Publishing – DTP

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Apparel & Fashion: Cosmetics – Marketing and Advertising

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RACITI DESIGNS – Call John Raciti on 02 9313 4739


ASX & Fortune 500 Employers & Clients

RACITI DESIGNS – Call John Raciti on 02 9313 4739.

ABN 44 176 718 301

18 Years Experience:

Partner – CWX Collections and Receivables Management – Australian Govt & the Americas

Head of Design: Graphic UI Designer – Development – Usability Designer
Rubik Financial Limited (RFL – Australian Securities Exchange)

Partner – OzHosting.com Pty Limited


Senior Graphic Designer

Dymocks Books

Graphic Design Manager
TAHPI – Total Alliance Health Partners International / HPI – Health Projects International
One of the oldest and largest Health Planning firms in the world

Lecturer, Web Design and Content Coordinator -Graphic Designer / Digital Content Manager / Webmaster

RedHill Education (RDH – Australian Securities Exchange)
A group of Australian-based education businesses at the premium end of the education services market

Graphic Designer & MS Excel Content Specialist

Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority
Responsible for a national curriculum from kindergarten to Year 12

Product Development Executive (Global Training & Improvement Solutions) System Admin LMS -Kenexa IBM

SAI Global (SAI Global Limited ASX‎)
Provides access to Standards, legislative and property publications; auditing; product and management system certification; supply chain…

OPS (Online Production Specialist) Team Leader

Telstra Corp / Sensis (ASX: TLS)
Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company which builds and operates telecommunications networks and markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other entertainment products and services

Web Designer & Web Developer

Teachers Mutual Bank
One of the largest mutual banks in Australia, with more than 156,000 members and assets of $4.22 billion

Studio Production Manager

Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd
Represents qualified financial planners in Australia

Multimedia Lead Lecturer – Multimedia Course Coordinator

Central Queensland University
An Australian dual sector university based in Queensland

Multimedia Lecturer / Pre-Press printing

TAFE Sydney Institute
A public tertiary education provider

Online Web Manager

Yellow Brick Road (ASX: YBR)

Manager Web Projects-GE Consumer Level 3

GE Capital (NYSE: GE)
Financial services unit of the American conglomerate General Electric

Flash Front-End Developer.
Department of Defence of Australia / Australian Army
Australian Government

Graphic & Multimedia Design Teacher
Raffles College of Design and Commerce
A private higher education provider

Graphic Design Teacher
Martin College
An Australian vocational education and training provider

Graphic Design Teacher
Study Group

Web Designer & Developer (Senior Management – Web Admin)
NSW Planning and Infrastructure
NSW Government

Graphic Designer (Management)
German automotive manufacturer

Graphic Designer (Management)
Hyundai Motor Company Australia (KRX: 005380)
South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer

Design is about ‘the form‘ what it looks and feels like, and how it follows ‘the function‘ how it works… Great design is partnership of when form meets function – coexisting as one great tool to use. John Raciti RAS FRSA

Raciti Designs is enhanced by high-level professional knowledge and skills for the workplace, with possession of specialised knowledge in advanced interaction, sustainable design and innovation.

Raciti Designs has a broad range of writing and production skills valued in many sectors of the print, broadcasting and electronic media, such as radio production, journalism and information technology. Raciti Designs is equipped with the kind of digital technology skills likely to be sought by software developers working in the multimedia industry. Raciti Designs is also equipped with skills in content and project management and a range of generic skills that qualify us to actively contribute to the changing nature of work and vocational training in relation to the impact of media.

Need a Social Media Manager? From Campaign Managers & Social Media presence. We will manage your corporate & small business accounts Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress. Free Quote: 02 9313 4739

View John Raciti FRSA johnraciti@yahoo.com's profile on LinkedIn

Past B2B clients: Fortune 500! Global 500, BRW & on the ASX:

DTP Desktop Publishing – Print Media (InDesign Projects):

Pre-Press Financial Magazines for the FPA:










PPT – Presentations: Click below to see

Click here to see: Presentation Raciti Designs – Brands

Click here to see: Presentation Raciti Designs – iPad Banking Application Screens


Flash Work: Click below to see

Click here to see: State Of Origin – Flash Advert

Image result for kahlua Kollective Beats

Click here to see: Kahlua – Flash Advert


Europe Patent Application (WO/2010/034067)

Field of the Invention

The present invention generally relates to graphical user interfaces, and particularly but not exclusively to a user interface for an internet banking service.

Background of the Invention

Computer based transactions, such as those performed over an internet banking service, traditionally have a fixed navigation system in which a fixed left side and a top navigation bar are used. To perform a transaction, view a balance or perform another function, a user clicks on items in the bars to enter a multi-level navigation system. Typically, the process of making a transaction or viewing a balance requires navigation through a hierarchy of menus requiring many steps before the process is completed. Also, the navigation system is typically inflexible and cannot be tailored to the user or by the user.

Summary of Invention

According to a first aspect of the invention there is provided a graphical user interface comprising: a display area having a first area and a second area; the display area being arranged to display a graphical interface unit, the unit being movable between the first area and the second area.

World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland


iPad screen designs…

Banking Concept / Idea – presented in Monaco…

Past Website & Application / Portal Screen Designs…

Internet Banking– Mobile Banking, FX; Foreign Exchange, Role Management, Delegate Users, Internal Transfer, Transfer & Future Payments, Flying Boxes, Transaction History, Add Payee:


Europe Patent Application (WO/2010/034067)













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DTP Desktop Publishing – Print Media…


North Sydney CellarsSlide4

Arena on Bent – Fox Studios




Ruby Star Traders


University & Schools Club


Cox Architects


P&O Ports – Port Logistics


P&O Ports – National Qualification


Qantas Airways


Rural Press Limited

Image result for rubik financial

Image result for temenos t24

Image result for temenos t24

Image result for temenos t24

Image result for temenos t24

Image result for rubik financial screen

Image result for rubik financial screen

Image result for rubik financial Internet Banking

Image result for rubik financial Internet Banking

Image result for rubik financial Internet Banking









Digital Project Manager: 

Create and execute design solutions towards problems of form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development and sales

Web Design:

Site & Screen design: Software Application Design, UI, UX, screen designs for iPhones, screen designs for iPads, designs for Androids, internet & intranet website frontend development for Mobile Messenger USA & Rubik RFL on the ASX
Online advertising for State of Origin, NRL.COM, Audi
eDM (electronic direct mail) for ex-Wizard customers


Brand strategy for over 160 Building Societies & Credit Unions, including CWX for Telstra & ING
Corporate identity for Rubik RFL on the ASX
Brand communications for Rubik RFL on the ASX

Design for Print:

Business stationery for Rubik RFL on the ASX
Brochure and publication design for Rubik RFL on the ASX
Packaging for Rubik RFL on the ASX

Integrated Media:

Direct mail for Rubik RFL on the ASX & Wizard Home Loans
Online and print campaigns for Rubik RFL on the ASX & Wizard Home Loans
Exhibition graphics for Rubik RFL on the ASX & Wizard Home Loans


Press advertising for for Rubik RFL on the ASX
Outdoor media for Australian Posters & TaxiMedia
Radio and television for Wizard Home Loans


Acquisition campaigns for Rubik RFL on the ASX & Mobile Messenger USA
Membership campaigns for Rubik RFL on the ASX Mobile Messenger USA
Retention campaigns for Rubik RFL on the ASX Mobile Messenger USA

View John Raciti FRSA johnraciti@yahoo.com's profile on LinkedIn

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ABN: 44 176 718 301. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

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