DCFM – R&D UI Designer with IT GLOBAL

R&D UI Designer with IT GLOBAL

(1) IT GLOBAL provides services to customers who have a property or group of properties and facilities. The services shall: 1. Maintain a desired level of condition and compliance 2. Enhance the asset value and life cycle 3. Create an optimum environment for the property occupants 4. Achieve maximum productivity & lowest safety & environmental risk within a space. 5. Develop and expand, alter or upgrade from time to time

(2) The services shall deliver optimum outcome measured by: 1.Customer first, responsiveness and reliability 2 Prosperous outcomes through end to end efficiency & cost benefit 3 Healthy, safe & productive environment

(3) IT GLOBAL Pty Ltd provides Services, Processes & Systems as defined in scope which may change from time to time. The client shall engage the service elements independently from time to time to meet client demand.

(4) The elements of the services includes: 1. Job Tracker IWMIS – Client Portal 2. Job Tracker IWMIS – Enterprise

(5) IT Global Pty Ltd and the contractor have entered into this Agreement with a shared objective of jointly exceeding the service levels defined for the Services by achieving and maintaining leadership in the services management, in the quality of the provision of the Services and the method of project delivery.

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