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Recommendations for John Raciti RAS FRSA

CEO Ravi Fernando
0414 933 387

Thanks very much for all your efforts with your UI & UX Design work. You are doing a great job, keep it up John.

Srikanth Markonda
CEO, Lorgan Global

Your UI & UX Design work shows your dedication to make this project successful. We worked as a team and brought this UI pretty well. I am glad that the client liked it. Credit should go to you.

I had the opportunity to work with John (Giovanni) to design UI/UX screens for an important client. John came up with beautiful designs and impressed the client. I found him to be a great team player and delivers as per the team needs.

Murali Thiru Narayanan
Project Manager, Ausinfotech

I have known John for more than four years now. John comes to iCOMP with an incredible level of skill in driving business outcomes of success. He is a lateral thinker, considering every angle to ensure that clients, and strategic partners alike, receive the best possible outcome for their investment.

Marco Zatta
Founder and CEO of iCOMP © – I help C-Level people drive business value through IBM Business Analytics

I worked closely with John and his thought process and design skills are up there with the best, he has a great network within Sydney and vast market knowledge within his sector. I recommend him to any company as i know he can bring tremendous value to any organisation.

Adam Mahdoul

Make It Happen- Spencer Lodge, UAE

Managing Consultant – UX/UI Design
Opus Recruitment Solutions, UK

John’s capacity includes an ability to identify with the values, mission and vision executing the goals concept to output. His integrity appreciating the development on functionality his creativity truly out-of-the-box…

Caroline Clarke Dip CoM
SCM Services

John is a partner of, certainly a source of great opportunities.

Anthony Banek
Cloud, Entrepreneur & Start-up Expert

John is one of the smartest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing. He is extremely adaptable and brilliant.

He is meticulous,creative, extremely friendly and professional – One of a few individuals that I can truly call onto for assistance and would like to call him a friend for life.

Thank you John for your support and guidance.

Simon Fawaz
Founder & Principal Consultant
Endless Energy Group Pty Ltd

John leads group of online designers/typesetters that produces a high quality and high work turn around in Yellow Pages online. Throughout my working life in the same office as John has kept his team up-to-date with progress and kept the project to timelines. John can liaise very well with clients and also his team to ensure the desired result is achieved. I would have no hesitation to work with John and would recommend him to others.

Raljk Caballero
Full Stack User Experience Designer

One step after the other is the easy part. The part people like you John understand is to never stop walking.

Mark Bouris – Chairman
Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX:YBR)

John worked for ComOps designing the web UI & UX front-end Interfaces for our e-Tivity software. John has strong creative flair and he proved competent across Bootstrap, MS Visual Studio, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular JS, & CSS. He reported to our Software Architect working with the Product Manager and a BA specifications & back-end Developer. I would recommend him for similar work.

Gerry Williams
Associate at 2020 Exchange

Supporting over 180 customers in 5,800 locations globally, ComOps is an Australian company, who, for 30 years has been developing market leading workforce managment solutions. 180+ GLOBAL CUSTOMERS, 250000+ STAFF SCHEDULED, 1000000+ TIMESHEETS PROCESSED, 52 WEEKS – DEDICATED SUPPORT

John worked for Wizard Home Loans as a contractor and he delivered very good quality Web Design/Graphics design work. I would recommend him highly in this role. Bryn was a client of John’s

Bryn Nicholson
Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Yellow Brick Road Holdings Ltd (ASX:YBR)
Yellow Brick Road / Wizard Home Loans

John worked as a UI designer at Mobile Messenger. He is a passionate designer with a perfectionist’s eye for detail. I’d recommend him to any UI/graphical design position.

Alek Zdziarski
Chief Technology Officer at Mobivity

I certainly found John to be a very motivated and ethusiatic team player from day one. John’s attention to detail was always very impressive and work ethic second to none. I would strongly recommend John in any opportunity going forward and I believe that he would make an exemplary asset to any organisation.

Michael Ungerboeck
CEO at ADMATIC Australia

John is a top notch, super fast, super skilled operator with a flair for customer usability in all manners of UI. John is passionate about everything he does and you always get a top end-result with John at the helm.

Sam Belshaw
Service Manager at AON

John is a highly skilled graphic , web designer and multimedia expert. During his time at SAI Global John has further developed his skills into content management and learning management system administration.

John has an enormous amount of energy and passion and throws himself into any new challenge with a great deal of enthusiasm. He is a friendly and cheerful individual with a real ‘can do’ attitude.

John has been an integral part of the product team at SAI Global and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Leigh Wilby
Commercial Manager – Operations at Australian Business Solutions Group, NSW Business Chamber

John worked with Kunaal in the same group. John has great UI skills, is very friendly and is a pleasure to work with.

Kunaal Ramchandani
Director of Digital Development at Nine Entertainment Co.

As proven time and time again John has a natural talent in his field his work does talk for itself. John has a matching personality full of energy and charismatic. John’s ability to tailor his work for different projects is quite amazing had the opportunity to work with John developing the mobile banking GUI interface which was a great success. John is a leader and innovative highly recommended.

Jimmy Katehos
Service Delivery Manager at Rubik Group (ASX:RFL)
Rubik Financial / Temenos

John is passionate about his work as a web and graphics designer. His energy and enthusiasm has resulted in numerous professional designs for our mobile and internet banking applications.

As a team player, John is a pleasure to work with.

Derek Thomas
Project Manager – FINEOS

I recruited John last year to join Mobile Messenger as our UI Designer working on a green-fields project. John demonstrated his professionalism and talent from the day we met to the day he finished with us. He is a colourful character and one of the friendliest people I know.

As an employee and as a designer John would make a great asset to any company or project.

Vanessa Herron
HR Business Partner at Rexel Holdings Australia Pty Ltd

If you are looking for a creative individual with a passion for excellence, then look no further than John. It was a great experience working with John, and watching how he converted his passion into measurable results. I wish John every success, and would gladly work with him again.

David Golding
Channel Manager – LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance

Many thanks for your support and professionalism over the past year. It was great working with you.

Eve Novikov
Bureau Veritas

I worked very closely with him in many projects, which assisted in my role as Head of Sales. He was also very helpful, dedicated & talented in his graphic design role and I would also say, the most passionate person I have ever met. He is not only one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he really knows what he is doing when it comes to graphic UI design. I would recommend John to any future employer who he considered worth approaching.

Steve Warren
Operations Supervisor at RTA Staff Credit Union Limited

John rides the cutting edge of design and design technology. In an age experiencing such rapid transformation through the presence of ubiquitous technology and mobile devices, a designer who can keep abreast of these changes and think toward the future market as well as the present is a jewel. John is that man, and I recommend him to you.

Anthony Fawcett
Developing and Designing at Guardian Global Systems

John is a great person to work with, his creative drive is strong and he has accomplished a lot while at Rubik Financial / Temenos. John’s work on Internet and Mobile Banking user interfaces has been outstanding and contributed to the success of the applications uptake.

Paul Lovegrove
Senior FinTech Sales Specialist
Rubik Financial / Temenos

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